For the robotic force in Up Your Arsenal, see Galactic Ranger.
Galactic Rangers

The Galactic Rangers are a team of elite heroes who protected the Solana Galaxy. The Rangers operated from the Hall of Heroes on planet Kerwan. They were supported by squadrons of warbots who also ran and watched over the Aleero City Penitentiary.

Each ranger would get a Class-g Star Jumper with their own custom face-art.[1]


The Galactic Rangers appeared in the Ratchet & Clank movie. Ratchet always dreamt of being a Galactic Ranger, so that he could do big things like Captain Qwark. Captain Qwark was a member of the Galactic Rangers, a group of elite heroes that consists of him, Clank, Cora, Elaris, Brax, and others.[2]





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