Galactic Idol was a reality HoloVid show, in which contestants were rated on their singing ability. There were a series of rounds from which contestants were eliminated by a panel of judges.


Dr. Nefarious

Nefarious singing into an invisible microphone

Nefarious, singing into an invisible microphone

Nefarious once auditioned for the show, singing a very bad version of "You Are My Robot Lover." Clank obtained the unwanted opportunity to see and hear the audition when Lawrence "accidentally" caused it to play, instead of activating the Biobliterator. On a separate occasion, Nefarious auditioned with a version of "Crushin' on Squishies" and was eliminated in the first round. This was revealed to Ratchet and Clank when they accessed the IRIS Supercomputer. Eventually, Nefarious was banned from the show after the judges, the network executives and the viewers couldn't stand one more second of listening to his horrible singing.

Use as torture

Nefarious's audition tapes from Galactic Idol were used as a form of torture. The audition of "You Are My Robot Lover" was used for torture in Zordoom Prison, while "Crushin' on Squishies" was used as a form of torture on Ebaro.

Behind the scenes

  • Galactic Idol was a reference to the real-life reality show Pop Idol and its spin-offs, such as American Idol.