Qwark in Court

Captain Qwark within the Galactic Court's Galactic Courthouse

The Galactic Court was the judicial body for the governing body of the Solana Galaxy. Two notable court cases involved them.

The first involved victim's of Personal Hygenator, who sued Qwark for suffering brought about using said device, which often led to Personal Hygenator Syndrome, which caused extreme irritation in the extremities. The Galactic Court sided with the victims, ordering Captain Qwark to pay $6,000,000,000 bolts to victims suffering from Personal Hygenator Syndrome. Qwark later attempted to escape while on bail to planet Pokitaru, but was arrested and thrown into jail.

The second notable was the famous Galactic Court Case Killbot Flame Master 9000 v. The Marshmallow Planet Board of Education. It revolved around a Robot named Kill Bot 9000 against the Marshmallow Planet's Board of Education. Kill Bot 9000 won the case against the education board, which has since granted Robots more rights on weapons armaments.


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