The Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death were small, orange, dog-like creatures who, despite their cuddly appearance, would attempt to bite Ratchet if they got the chance. They were a failed Gadgetron experiment that aimed to create the perfect cuddly companion, very much like MegaCorp's Protopet. They were quick and aggressive and would bite their foes, even when they were unprovoked.

The Hounds were created and bred by Gadgetron on Barlow in the Bogon Galaxy. Despite the failure of Gadgetron's experiment and their subsequent departure (possibly removal) from the Bogon Galaxy, the Hounds survived and began to roam freely in the ruins of the Gadgetron site in Vukovar Canyon. This caused the once docile pets to evolve into psychotic killers filled with hate and loathing.

They were not really considered threats to Ratchet, as one strike with the Omniwrench usually could deal with them, and with his current arsenal when he reached the planet, they were merely just pests. However, sometimes they could be found in huge clans, which should not have been underestimated. Sometimes, they were also accompanied with the Vukovar Tribesmen.