A Gadgetron HelpDesk message from the Tools of Destruction instruction manual survival guide

The Gadgetron HelpDesk was a free online service provided by Gadgetron, and was used to help adventurers during their inter-planetary travels. Throughout the course of their adventures, Ratchet and Clank were repeatedly informed about various weapons, gadgets, enemies, and other things that they encountered. The service was operated from the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III.

Ratchet was the client number 91802 of the Gadgetron HelpDesk. During Ratchet's stay in the Bogon Galaxy, MegaCorp offered the MegaCorp HelpDesk to him.

During the course of a game, the player could choose to interrupt HelpDesk messages by pressing the Triangle button.

In the first game, the voice of the woman reading the help messages was the same as that of the MegaCorp HelpDesk in Ratchet & Clank:Going Commando. The voice was different in Ratchet & Clank:Up Your Arsenal, which showed that the HelpDesk girl was replaced by another one.