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Gadgetron Corporation
Gadgetron Corporation logo

The logo of Gadgetron Corporation

Gadgetron is your one-stop shop for all your weapon, gadget, and ammunition needs. Gadgetron has vendors conveniently located on all inhabited worlds, and also in the entirely unhabited bogs of Trachea Five. We do not really know how that one got there. Engineering blames marketing, marketing blames legal and legal has been at a 'conference' on the tropical planet of Bahamia for the last six months and they do not return our calls.
— Unnamed Gadgetron employee, Ratchet & Clank game manual

Gadgetron Corporation, mostly referred to as simply Gadgetron, was the main and largest gadget and weaponry supplier in the Solana Galaxy. It also operated in the Bogon Galaxy and the Polaris Galaxy, but it was not as successful in those galaxies due to competition. Directed from the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III, the huge enterprise had Gadgetron vendors stationed on numerous planets. Its only known influence in the Bogon Galaxy is planet Barlow, but when Ratchet and Clank visited the planet, they found the station in ruins, as after competition with MegaCorp became violent, Gadgetron left Bogon. Gadgetron was also known for inventing the Z3000 hoverboard, The Hologuise, the VG9000 Game system and Nanotech.

Gadgetron did not actually manufacture the weapons as they only sold them. Minton Incorporated were one of Gadgetron's manufacturers. They were caught in licensing issues over the black-market gadget Hydro-Pack. However, a large majority of gizmos and weapons were produced by Gadgetron.[1]

Gadgetron's chief competitors were MegaCorp, GrummelNet and Vox Industries. In the Bogon Galaxy, MegaCorp basically obliterated Gadgetron and fellow MegaCorp competitors with the Triple-B missiles, almost completely ending their business operations in the Bogon Galaxy. Both companies engaged in corporate warfare, stealing plans for various products from one another. In the Polaris Galaxy, GrummelNet became the galaxies most popular weapons and gadgets company, much to the annoyance of Gadgetron. In the Solana Galaxy, Gadgetron had almost complete monopoly of technological services, though Vox Industries dominated the Shadow Sector, with the exception of Orxon.

Gadgetron was known to have partnered with the Blarg with several inventions, including the prototype Suck Cannon, the Dark Gadge-Bots, and the original R.Y.N.O.

Critics of Gadgetron have accused them of being a power-hungry monopoly bent on galactic domination, a claim that Gadgetron has neither confirmed nor denied.[2]


Gadgetron's headquarters was Kalebo III, a Gadgetron controlled planet where they operated from the Gadgetron Site. This facility possessed the best defenses that money could buy, as the CEO did not even bother acknowledging the Blarg invasion of their planet, despite that the Blarg were sending there most elite soldiers in, as he knew the defenses would easily deal with them.



  • Gadgetron had lawyers called Brushling, Flynn and Culverhouse who have solved the licensing issues over the Hydro-Pack.
  • Gadgetron seemed to have less of an influence than MegaCorp over their respective galaxies. Gadgetron only sold weapons, while MegaCorp reached to domestic products and holo-vision shows like the MegaCorp Games.
  • Gadgetron's brand colors changed from blue to orange in Up Your Arsenal. It was also indicative of the HUD color scheme.
  • In the absence of the Gadgetron company in the Future series, GrummelNet took its place.
  • Pieces of the RYNO IV and the RYNO V were found in Polaris indicating Gadgetron activity in that galaxy.
  • Gadgetron had more simple weapons at the times of Drek's demise like the Blaster and Bomb Glove. They also had simpler names.
  • Gadgetron were the ones who created some the most powerful weapons in the series, some of the RYNOs.
  • Gadgetron also created the Gadgetron Hounds of Cuddly Death to compete with MegaCorp's Protopets. The project never reached it's goal as all but two of Gadgetron employees left planet Barlow where the hounds were being made. These creatures are now no longer docile creatures, but fierce pack hunters who flock together to bring down large prey such as Ratchet

Notes and references

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