Clank gadgebot

A Gadgebot


Clank and Gadgebots

Gadge-Bots, also called Gadgebots, were small robots manufactured by Gadgetron that could be found all over the Solana Galaxy for performing a variety of tasks. Notably, they could be used to open certain types of door by entering small containers near the door. They could also attack enemies, although they would often be damaged in the process, forcing them to respawn. Clank had the ability to command Gadge-Bots, and they helped him on many occasions.

For a list of commands that Clank could issue to Gadge-Bots, see List of commands.


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Notes and references

  1. After defeating Ace, Vox shows potential Ratchet merchandise. One of these is a box of cereal with a picture of a Gadge-Bot in the corner, presumably as a prize in the box

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