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Let's meet tonight's victim— oops, I mean contestant: Fred!
Annihilation Nation announcer, UYA

Fred was a small Gadgetron engineer who originally worked as a gadget engineer aboard the Blarg Tactical Research Station for Drek.


Ratchet & Clank

Fred Ratchet Clank BTS

Fred after being saved by Ratchet & Clank at BTS

In Drek's promotional video for new employees at the BTS, Fred was shown testing Grind Boots, jumping with the boots, missing and landing on his genitals causing him to slip off and fall into space. He was also shown doing mutant animal husbandry, trying to feed a chicken to a Space Mutant but being eaten alive by the mutant while the chicken survived. He and an identical copy of him were shown testing out the Suck Cannon, with both dying as a result.

While working on the BTS, Fred was attacked by Alien Swarmers when a colleague left their cages open, but was saved by Ratchet and Clank, to whom he promptly sold his newly invented Grindboots before fleeing the station. Fred headed to Pokitaru, where he was seen in an advertisement by the Jowai Resort Owner, showing him swimming in the background chased by a giant mutant Puffer Fish, which promptly ate him.

Fred apparently survived this encounter as Ratchet and Clank later encountered Fred in the sewers of the Jowai Resort, on Pokitaru, where he was looking for Raritanium to power his Persuader, which he eventually gave to Ratchet in exchange for some Raritanium from planet Hoven.

He appears in the commercial for the Ultra-Mech Unlimited, in images, he is seen on Novalis being startled by an Anklebiter, in Blackwater City with the Robot Lieutenant pointing a gun at him, and on Pokitaru being frighten by a sand mouse.

Lastly, he appears in another commercial for the Gadgetron Hologuise, where he demonstrates the Hologuise by activating and fooling invading Sentry-bots on Kalebo III, however when Fred deactivates the Hologuise, a Sentry-bot then proceeds to step on him.

Up Your Arsenal

Fred Annihilation Nation

Fred on Annihilation Nation

Fred later became a Gadgetron accountant. During the events of Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, Fred participated as a contestant at an Annihilation Nation death course. After starting the death course, Fred was obliterated by a red laser merely seconds after beginning the challenge.

Behind the scenes


Fred is shown apparently dying a total of six times: Falling into space, being eaten by an Alien Snapper, dying via Suck Cannon, being eaten alive by a giant Puffer Fish, being squashed by a Sentry-bot and finally being obliterated by a bombardment of lasers. Due to surviving at least the first four apparent deaths, it is possible that he survived his apparent obliteration; however, he has not been seen or mentioned since, so this is unknown.


  • Fred claimed a Morph-O-Ray once went off in his pants.[1]
  • It is possible that Fred was the same species as the Ultra-Mech Scientist was from Ratchet & Clank, as well as the Inventor from Ratchet & Clank Going Commando.
  • Fred is one of the few characters to die on-screen. Although it is unknown if he truly died.
  • When meeting Ratchet & Clank on Pokitaru, Fred and Ratchet will talk to each other as if they have met before, but it is possible to get to Pokitaru without ever having met Fred at the Blarg Station.


Notes and references

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