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Ratchet, after seeing a Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid in Lot 42, UYA

Four-Eyed Tyhrranoids were Tyhrranoid Commanders,[1] as such they were strong, large, Tyhrranoids that typically led the other Tyhrranoids on the battlefield.


They were armed with a massive single-handed gun that shot powerful highly damaging blasts of plasma that could travel a long distance at an incredible speed. If the plasma given off by this gun hit a surface, it left a temporary hazard that could harm Ratchet. These guns could be fired up to five times before the Tyhrranoid Commanders had to reload. If Ratchet was too close, they would try to pistol-whip him.

Often these enemies would fly with the use of a jetpack mounted to their backs. Their flight made them a trickier target, but were vulnerable to staggering when losing their jetpacks at low health, and would suffer a quick death if they lost them while hovering over a pit.


Because these enemies are often floating, strafe jumping is often necessary to avoid their shots as well as giving you the opportunity to fire back. If fighting at close range, the Shock Blaster or Nitro Launcher are highly recommended heavy hitter weapons to use against them. Attacking these monsters with the OmniWrench 8000 is not a recommended strategy, as chances of dodging the noid's "pistol whipping" and hitting him multiple times is slim at best. Alternatively, the Flux Rifle was also incredibly handy for dealing with these enemies from afar and at close range, being able to take them out 2-3 shots at most.

Notes and references

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