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Why do I work for Dr. Nefarious? Because… uh… um… Because a day without Dr. Nefarious is like a day without sunshine!
―Fongoid Foreman, explaining why he works for Dr. Nefarious to Ratchet  [ACiT]
The Fongoid Foreman was in charge of the Fongoid workforce working on Nefarious' Tombli Outpost. Like the rest of his kind on Zanifar, he believed the doctor's arrival was a sign from Orvus that the Fongoids could once again be trusted with technology. The doctor used this image to quickly to brainwash the Fongoids, including the foreman. When Ratchet traveled back in time, the foreman was leading construction operations on the bridge to the main section of the Tombli Outpost. However, the construction had been halted because a storm had rusted the gears to the crane holding the bridge, thus they needed Oil to fix the gears. Unfortunately, the only oil valuable was underground, and Oil Derrick Kappa, the nearest oil derrick, wasn't complete yet. During his brief chat, the foreman proclaimed his allegiance to help Nefarious building his outpost. When Ratchet asked why, the foreman struggled to find an answer, until he proudly proclaimed …"because a day without Dr. Nefarious is like a day without sunshine!" Later when Ratchet gets some oil and de-rusts the gears, and then places the bridge in place, the Fongoid Foreman asks if Ratchet would tell Nefarious of how he helped in placing the bridge. After Nefarious betrayed the Fongoids, he was thrown into a Containment Camp with the other Fongoids. Two years later when Ratchet visited Zanifar, he asked for the Lombax`s help in deactivating the containment grid, and also gave him information on Nefarious. After the Lombax deactivated the grid, he shouted Praise Orvus and celebrated with the other Fongoids. When Ratchet returned through the time portal, he ordered the Fongoids to defend him from Nefarious` Chronotroopers. He then asked Ratchet to go to Oil Derrick Kappa and free his brother along with several others. Ratchet returned with the other prisoners, and the Foreman thanked him for his help and left to rebuild the village.


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