Flying Prison
Flying Lab baddies

Ratchet confronting the Unknown Thief inside the Flying Lab

The Flying Lab was a large aircraft that circled the planet Aranos. It was owned by Angela Cross. After she stole the original Protopet from MegaCorp, she kept it aboard the Flying Lab, where it was almost captured by Ratchet, prompting Angela to flee the base with the Protopet. Later on, Thugs-4-Less took over the Flying Lab and re-fitted it into the Thugs-4-Less Prison, advertised as The Maximum in Security. However, Ratchet and Clank were able to liberate the Flying Lab, which was presumably returned to Angela.

Thugs-4-Less Prison

Thugs-4-Less Prison would like to wish you, a Happy Incarceration.
— An advertisement for the Thugs-4-Less Prison., GC

The Thugs-4-Less Prison was the name given to Angela Cross's Flying Lab once it had been taken over by Thugs-4-Less. Ratchet and Clank were imprisoned here after they were wrongfully accused of trying to assassinate Mr. Fizzwidget (even though this was just a set-up by MegaCorp and the Thug Leader). Ratchet and Clank managed to escape from the prison and liberate it, and it was presumably returned to Angela.

According to the welcoming video, new inmates would meet one-on-one with the galactic nutritionist, who would ensure that they were eating a species-appropriate diet for their stay. The prison apparently also offered a fitness spa with personal trainers for each inmate, and a facility where inmates could talk about their problems to one of ten full-time life coaches. However, this could simply have been propaganda, as when Ratchet and Clank were incarcerated, it appeared to be a very bleak (and dangerous) prison with no facilities whatsoever.