Florana was a forest-covered planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was a swampy planet home to bugs, natives, and large beasts. It's primary inhabitants appeared to be vicious natives and the more friendly Cyclophic Monkeys. There were also a number of an ogre-like species who had established settlements on the planet, one member even appeared on a Solanian holo-show. Qwark crashed here and lost his memory. The Zeldrin Starport provided transportation to Florana.[1]

Florana was the first planet in which Ratchet endeavors to after protecting his home planet of Veldin. He went there because of a cinematic provided by The Galactic President, titled Nature's Mysteries that rumored that Captain Qwark dwelt on Florana.

Markings of a native writing system could be seen on the walls of the buildings in Florana.

Later into the game, Skrunch, Ratchet and Clank were having a conversation, and Skrunch told Ratchet he "had ears like a Florana dung beaver" meaning this was a species that Ratchet did not encounter, but they did live there.

In Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Qwark said The Deadgrove reminded him of Florana.

Characters on Florana

Ratchet & Clank in Nature

Ratchet and Clank on Florana




Wildlife and Flora

Florana Forest

The mysterious Florana Jungle Forest

Florana was a vast jungle world home to a large forests of epic Jamboo Trees and many types of creatures. The wildlife lived in three levels in the Nabla Forest. In the upper levels, Cyclophic Monkeys played in the Jamboo trees while the Floranian Skreeducks flew way above the forest floor. On the forest floor, Floranian Blood Flies hovered above the ground hunting for prey while Floranian Dung Beavers built dung dams in the rivers. In the murky swamp water, Floranian Pool Sharks patrolled the swampy water ways for prey, while the much larger Swamp Worms popped out the water and spat toxic bile at prey from afar. Here is some more info on the wildlife and flora of Florana.

  • Floranian Blood Flies: The Floranian Blood Flies were small red flying insects with large stingers native to Florana. As their name suggests, they had a taste for blood, and Ratchet's blood will do just fine for them. They travelled in small swarms, but are not much of a threat as a single hit from a Wrench will kill them.
  • Swamp Worms: The largest swamp predator on Florana, the Swamp Worms would rise up from under the murky water and would spit toxic bile onto their prey. Heavy weapon fire would send them to their watery graves. Bewary though, as they did not appear to harm the Nabla Natives when the player fighted them and the natives.
  • Floranian Pool Shark: More of an obstacle than a real enemy, they are neverless dangerous. They would patrol the swamp waters for foolish creatures stupid enough to enter the murky water. They would only attack if you enter the water and cannot be killed.

Other Creatures

  • Cyclophic Monkeys: Endangered an extremly friendly one-eyed monkey like creatures found in the giant Jamboo Trees of Nabla Forest, Qwark states he was raised by them when he was a child, his parents were killed by defective Technomite inventions, although he only finds out later. They enjoy eating Bananas. Skrunch is was somewhat bright Cyclophic Monkey, who became extremly intelligent after having his brain power traded for Otto Destruct 's mindpower.
  • Floranian Skreeduck: Found on many worlds, the Skreeducks of Florana fly through the jungles searching for food.
  • Floranian Dung Beaver: A creature who made dams out dung, said to have ears like Lombaxes. It's never seen, but Skrunch says Ratchet has ears like them.


  • Jamboo Trees: Large redwood like trees, Jamboo were the largest trees of Florana. The Cyclophic Monkeys and Floranian Skreeducks lived on these trees and Nabla Natives built villages on the trees like the Ewoks of Star Wars.


  • There is sort of a plot hole with Florana, because in Nature's Mysteries, it says "deep in the Jamboo Forest" but on the map, it says Nabla Forest. The Jamboo Forest may be another forest in the vast planet of Florana, or the Jamboo Forest may have been the previous name of the forest, or "jamboo" is maybe simply the name of the tree's species that form the forest.
  • On Annihilation Nation, the announcer would sometimes be heard saying, "Hey be sure to catch him next week in the Florana demolition derby!" He could have been talking about the Florana Turbo Slider race circuit, which was cut from the game, and was included in the Insomniac Museum.
  • Florana is a jungle planet full of trees like Eudora.


  • "Flora" is Latin for "plants", as "fauna" is for "animals." Florana is a mash-up of the two words.


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