Felton Razz is the twin brother of Grimroth Razz, Ratchet's mentor mechanic and adoptive father. They lived in the Polaris galaxy before moving to Solana Galaxy, and parted ways. While Grim ran a garage to make a living, Felton took on a simple life, and has been fishing on Pokitaru for about ten years.


As the blarg attack Pokitaru for its fresh water, Ratchet and Clank come to Felton's rescue after Grim sends the two a distress call about the situation. When Felton first meets Ratchet he shocked to see that he was a lombax. He begins to tell the two he knows of a mechanic who can help upgrade Ratchet's ship to take out the Hydroharvesters that were making the planet dry. It turned out that this mechanic was Al. Felton follows Ratchet and Clank throughout Jowai Resort, occasionally making remarks on Ratchet's fighting technique, and telling old stories about how he and Grim used to vacation all the time including one where as children, during a holiday, Grim dared Felton to ride down the Torgoff waterfall in a barrel, which he did resulting in their father getting highly angered.

Felton meets Ratchet and Clank

Felton Razz, meeting Ratchet and Clank for the first time

Felton says he has not seen Grimroth since they moved, and Ratchet tells him he runs a small garage on Veldin. Felton remarks that Grim must be proud of Ratchet for making into the Galactic Rangers, but Ratchet still thinks he might be mad at him for missing out on proton scrubs, Felton denies this claim. The three meet Al at the resort lounge where they all proceed back to Ratchet's ship so Al could begin to upgrading it. On the ride there Al and Felton discuss the great blogger who attended Al's panel, Oosidie Van Schmoot, whom Felton greatly admired. After discussing Van Schmoot during the rest of ride back the four make it back to the landing area where Al proceeds to upgrade the ship. Ratchet then takes out the Hydroharvesters using the new Telsa Rockets upgraded onto his ship. Grim cheers on Ratchet as he destroys the Harvesters. After the Harvesters were finally taken of, it is presumed that Felton returned to his average everyday routine.

Behind the Scenes

Appearance and voice

Felton looks exactly like Grimroth, except he wears a flowered shirt, short, a green cap, and flip-flops. Remarkably, they both have the same broken tusk and similar voices. Although they are played by two different voice actors; Fred Tatasciore voices Felton, and Travis Willingham voices Grimroth in the game.

e3 2015 Trailer


In the 2015 e3 trailer for the game you can notice Grimroth in the background while Ratchet fights off the Puffoids on Pokitaru meaning that Grim was originally the character you would escort across the resort rather than Felton or perhaps Grim's model was being used as a placeholder for Felton at the time.


Notes and references

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