The Farming Cooperative on Dayni Moon in the Solana Galaxy was a dangerous and interesting one. On this Farming Cooperative, it changed from day to night in a matter of minutes, which made normally Dayni Weresheep into angry rams and stopped bouncy purple and blue mimic plants plants from bouncing. During the day however, the rams became peaceful sheep again and the mimic plants grew. This Farming Cooperative also contained Clank challenges involving a return of the Smasherbot, more difficult Gadgebot Survival Challenges rese, and Gadgebot Toss challenges against 3 other robots.

A long boss battle with Luna including being chased through a corn field by a crop harvester/bi-plane, avoiding falling rocks and dodging gas bombs along with other weapons. After defeating Luna, Clank malfunctioned and Technomites invaded Clank's system, and when Ratchet repaired him, he had to escape as soon as possible or the Anti-Virus system would destroy him. When Clank was repaired, they progressed on their journey, to the Clone Factory on Planet Quodrona.