Kyzil Plateau BattleZone

Ratchet, Clank and several Galactic Rangers HALO jump into F-Sector

F-Sector! No way, game over man, we're all going to end up like scrap metal!
―A Galactic Ranger panicking at the thought of being assigned a mission in F-Sector.  [UYA]

F-Sector was a region on planet Veldin. The area was a large plateau with bombed-out buildings. Ratchet and Clank helped the Galactic Rangers clear out the tyhrranoid forces there.


Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

When tyhrranoid raiders launched an assault on Veldin, they managed to capture F-Sector by killing all the defending Galactic Rangers. Furthermore, they captured Darla Gratch who was doing a news report covering the tyhrranoid attack on Veldin for Channel 2 News.

With F-Sector captured, the Tyhrranoids moved further into the Kyzil Plateau and almost wiped out the ranger forces stationed there too. Luckily, with the aid of the rangers, Ratchet and Clank pushed the advancing tyhrranoid forces to retreat to their base in F-Sector. Under orders, Ratchet and some hesitant Galactic Rangers hopped into a dropship and HALO jumped into F-Sector, losing two rangers in the process. As Ratchet, Clank and three rangers landed, they were greeted by tyhrranoid troops. They fought wave after wave of enemies until F-Sector was clear of any remaining tyhrranoids. It was here that Ratchet and Clank received a message from Galactic President Phyronix about rumors of a hero that had once defeated Nefarious. Afterwards, the duo left for Florana.