The Extermibots were the robotic authorities on planet Damosel within Allgon City. They were large, black, and carried a powerful lightning gun. Their outer shell served as incredibly thick armor, which when destroyed exposed a more scrawny inner body. They also had another gun, which fired bombs. The bombs exploded with a green gas, which were higly toxic, enough to kill almost anything in the blast radius, and inflict a lot of damage to Ratchet. Their secondary attack was a powerful kick, which was very damaging to Ratchet's health. The kick was also the attack they were limited to when their torso was destroyed and they were left with only their legs; which they could use to "keep on kicking" after their body was destroyed. They often deployed onto the battlefield by means of a large Extermibot Dropship that employed forward side pods for passengers.

When the MegaCorp Protopets began to infest Allgon City and devour its inhabitants, the Extermibots were deployed to destroy anything "small and fuzzy." Unfortunately, this included Ratchet, so Ratchet had to defend himself from the Extermibots, even though they were technically on the same side with the aim to destroy the Protopets.

When there were Protopets nearby the Extermibots, they would only focus on the Protopets, and not Ratchet, unless all the Protopets were killed. Thus, the Extermibots were actually fighting alongside Ratchet, and could help him in even the fiercest onslaughts of Protopets.

Related robots modelsEdit

The people of Rilgar in Solana utilized the similarly named ExtermiBot for the purpose of combating the Amoeboids.


  • If Ratchet is not detected by an Extermibot, and he destroys the robot's torso, the legs will walk in his direction despite Ratchet not being detected by the Extermibot.