His opponent is a master of disembowelment and a fantastic chef. Ladies and gentlemen, The Eviscerator!
Juanita Alvaro introducing Ratchet and DreadZone fans to the Eviscerator.  [Deadlocked]

The Eviscerator was a powerful cybernetic insectoid, and a member of an elite DreadZone team known as the Exterminators. This sadistic gladiator enjoyed slaughtering DreadZone gladiators left and right, and he was a "master of disembowelment" according to Juanita Alvaro.


The Eviscerator was a creature who fought in DreadZone. Being mute, DreadZone developed a "complicated and expensive" method of communication with the Eviscerator. When asked a question, he would disembowel a DreadZone Security Bot for "yes", and make a DreadZone Security Bot eat its own left arm for "no."

Kidnapped by Gleeman Vox and forced to participate in DreadZone, at some point during his time as a gladiator he became successful enough to become one of Ace Hardlight's trusted Exterminators.

According to Dallas and Juanita, the Eviscerator was also "a master of disembowelment and a fantastic chef." He terminated several DreadZone contestants, including the likes of a Three-Eyed Robonoid gladiator.

Ratchet vs Eviscerator

The Eviscerator faces Ratchet in his final battle

Unlike the other three exterminators, the Eviscerator did not have much of a back story and he never spoke. As he enjoyed killing and humiliating other heroes, it was likely that he was more of a violent anti-hero than an actual villain.

Not much of his personality was revealed either; however, he did not seem to be as cocky as the other exterminators, but rather calm and smart. He was later defeated by Ratchet in the Vindicator Tournament.

Abilities, weapons and ornaments

It was said that none of his opponents had ever survived even sixty seconds against him, until he had fought and was defeated by Ratchet. He was the second best of the elite Exterminator team, only surpassed by champion Ace Hardlight.

The Eviscerator wore incredibly strong Carbonox Armor and wielded razor-sharp titanium blades. These blades seemed to be comprised of four parts. One was on each elbow that protruded backward and the other two were on the Eviscerator's wrists; all of these blades could be triggered independently from each other. He is precise enough with these blades that when fighting one DreadZone contestant, he showed the contestant their own endocrine system.

It also had the ability to generate an impenetrable forcefield around itself for protection; however, the Harbinger's first shot against the barrier can penetrate it and damage the Eviscerator. It also could summon Tremors to help. He was also able to shoot a vibronic ray out a ball of sonic energy that he formed in his hands and also fired small targeting missiles. In battle, the Eviscerator appeared incredibly quick and agile, performing backflips and cartwheels around the DreadZone arena.


Concept art - the Eviscerator

Concept Art without and with his carbonox armor

The Eviscerator's name is derived from the word "eviscerate", whose meaning is similar to that of disembowelment (i.e., to cut open the flesh of a creature or being and remove its internal organs).


  • It is possible that the Eviscerator was a Tremor, or perhaps their leader, as he showed some characteristics of a Tremor, and he was able to only summon Tremors to its aid.
  • The Eviscerator resembles a praying mantis, and attacks in a similar way to one.


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