Robotic bodyguards. They protect whoever deploys them.
―Cora to Ratchet  [R&C (movie)]

Evil Zurkons were Synthenoids created by Drek Industries to ward off anyone who intruded the factories on planet Quartu, especially anyone who was a Galactic Ranger. As their name implied, they were evil versions of Mr. Zurkon, which Alonzo Drek sent out to go after Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, Cora Veralux and Brax Lectrus when they infiltrated Drek Industries. They were assisted by a much larger security Synthenoid named Mrs. Zurkon. Evil Zurkons were always seen in groups of many. In lieu of traditional voice actor Marc Graue, they were voiced by Brian Drummond.


"Yoo hoo! Mr. Zurkon is looking to kill you!"
"Ranger identified! Terminate!"
"Mr. Zurkon has you now!"
"Mr. Zurkon hates Galactic Rangers!"
"Stupid Ranger. Time to die!"
"Mr. Zurkon delivers a symphony of pain!"

Evil Zurkons


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