The Enforcement-Bots were security bots from planet Edificus. Part of the Galactic Police, they served in law enforcement while others were stationed to protect the valuables of the Boltaire Museum. They were heavily armed for simple security droids with a shock pistol. Normally they did not look further that their flash light beams. Their hats had won several awards for trendiness and thread count. It was best to sneak past them or stealth attack them rather than attacking them with weapons; thus giving the presence of Clank away.

List of known Enforcement-Bots in Boltaire Museum

  • XRT-1004
  • JX-16P
  • D3S-GN8
  • KJ-RLG
  • JG-R-SPR
  • Jimminy Quick-Fingers
  • Keyring Jones
  • Pauly The Prowler
  • The Midnight Truncheon


  • The Enforcement-Bot "MI-CRZY"'s name is a play on "me crazy."
  • The Enforcement-Bot "LV-MFFN"'s name is a play on "love muffin."


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