Endako was one of the most populous worlds of the Bogon Galaxy. The crown jewel of the Bogon, the planet's bustling city of Megapolis was easily one of the largest and most populated cities of the galaxy, with towering skyscrapers and traffic-filled airways. The city was likely owned and administrated by MegaCorp; not only was the city probably named for MegaCorp, it featured endless amounts of MegaCorp's "M" logo and MegaCorp's advertisements for the Galactic Gladiators broadcast. MegaCorp implemented a thorough, but untested series of robot janitors throughout the city to keep it ultra-clean. While they did their job in cleaning, they did not seem capable of telling the difference between garbage and organic lifeforms, and would often attack even when unprovoked.

After hiring Ratchet to retrieve the Protopet, Clank was given an apartment in Megapolis by Abercrombie Fizzwidget. Clank resided there until Angela Cross kidnapped him to threaten Ratchet to return to his own galaxy and stop meddling in her business. Instead, Ratchet went to Megapolis and rescued Clank. The Thugs-4-Less Leader, hired by Angela, also went to the city to take out Ratchet with his chopper helicopter, but failed miserably.

After their mission was over, Ratchet and Clank took up residence in Clank's apartment. However, after hearing about Doctor Nefarious's attack on planet Veldin, they abandoned it to save Ratchet's home. Three years later, Ratchet and Clank returned there after defeating Otto Destruct. They went back to the Solana galaxy after that. They returned after Ratchet's escape from prison and after defeating Klunk. They even test the new vacuum cleaner that they turned Klunk into. They have not returned since, as they have been in the Polaris galaxy.

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  • According to screenshots from beta versions of the game, Endako was intended to be at night when Ratchet arrived.



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