Bomber grungurian

Grungarian Bombers were aerial machines that the Grungarians used, and able do a lot of damage if they reached your base.

Description and Abilities

Grungarian Bombers move about on jets in the back and on the underside of the craft. The wings of the craft along with the jets, changed positions depending on whether the craft was moving forward or backward. The craft was restricted to a planets atmosphere, relying on dropships to deploy them on worlds ripe for conquest. The craft could fly quite high, but they tended to hug the ground in most circumstances. The major disadvantage of the craft was it speed, making it the third slowest enemy in the game, besides the Grungarian Tank and the Elite Grungarian Tank. However, the craft compensated this disadvantage by being heavily armored, able to withstand most gunfire quite well with the exception of the WarmongerPyro Blaster and an upgraded Combuster. Since the craft flies above the ground, it is immune to mines, luckily it cannot fly high enough to escape the turrets defending the QForce Base. The craft has only one weapon system; two missile barrels that dish out missiles in quick succession at a target. This trait makes them a serious threat to the QForce Base's Generators. Fighting them can be quite be challenge, as the missile fire can quickly overwhelm the player if he is not on his toes. The Groovitron is highly useful in both battles against invading and patrolling Grungarian Bombers.

Grungarian Bombers first appear on Ebaro during your first visit, and are later replaced by Elite Grungarian Bombers on your second trip to Ebaro.

Elite Grungarian Bombers drastically improved on the strength and power of the older bomber model. In addition to added strength and power, the design of the bomber itself changed; it had a glass canopy around the cockpit, something the standard version lacked. Besides these differences, they acted just like standard Grungarian Bombers.

Elite Grungarian Bombers first appeared in the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro during the Q-Force's second visit.

Encountered on


A Grungarian Bomber appears in The Hidden City of Balkai multiplayer map, It is colored green instead of the typical yellow, and defends a large stash of Bolts until destroyed.  

DSC 0334

An early model of the Grungarian Bomber

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