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For the enemy in Secret Agent Clank, see Doppelganger.

The Doppelbanger is a recurring weapon in the Ratchet & Clank series and a replacement for the similar Decoy Glove. It summoned a decoy which was more durable and shot lasers.

All 4 One

A Doppelbanger! I knew that it wasn't real! I was only testing you!
―Mr Dinkles when the Doppelbanger is deployed and destroyed against him  [A4O]

The Doppelbanger was a weapon that created a decoy to draw enemy fire. Only Ratchet could use it. This weapon was similar to the Decoy Glove. Its Elite upgrade also had a turret of a slow-rate-of-fire attached to the Doppelbanger's hands.

Full Frontal Assualt

The Doppelbanger returned in Full Frontal Assault. This time, RatchetClank and Qwark were able to use this weapon. It already had the turrets at LVL1, saving the player's time and ammo. Once upgraded to LVL3, it became the Alpha Doppelbanger.


  • The Doppelbanger was originally spelled Dopplebanger.[1]


Notes and references

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