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The Critter Strike was a transformation weapon in All 4 One. The weapon could be modded to either morph enemies into baby T-Rexs or into sheep. [citation needed] Its default state turned enemies into pigs.[1]

Most, if not all of the games have a weapon that turnes creatures into other creatures, this being the standard for All 4 One. It works basically the same way, firing repeatidly until the enemy transforms. Larger enemies take more firepower to transform, so like most other weapons in this game, the more the merrier.

When an overload was shot, a powerful burst blew out from the transformed enemy, transforming other enemies in a small radius.

The Elite Critter Strike was the elite upgrade of the Critter Strike. Whenever used, the elite version of any morph mods attached to the Critter Strike would activate.

Pig morph

The default Critter Strike turned enemies into pigs. This was used in the Vertigus Cliffs of the N.E.S.T. When upgraded to Elite mode it would turn the enemies into flaming boars who help as minions by jumping really high onto enemies, and breating fire to deal damage quickly.

T-Rex morph mod

The T-Rex morph mod would morph enemies into dinosaur eggs with legs poking out that were of little help to the players.[2] However, when upgraded, the enemies would morph into baby T-Rexs that would fight for the players as minions. It was available as an early unlock bonus for those who pre-ordered the game at The first upgrade of the mod morphed enemies into eggs with legs poking out, the second into baby T-Rexs and the third into fiery red T-Rexs.

Sheepinator mod

The Sheepinator weapon from Going Commando was reincarnated as a mod for the Critter Strike in All 4 One. Those who preordered the game at Walmart would receive the mod as an early unlock bonus. The first upgrade of the mod morphed enemies into idle sheep, the second into dark grey rams and the third into fiery red rams.



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