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The Arc Lasher was an advanced kinetic energy whip that would stun and slightly damage enemies it came into contact with. When multiple whips were activated, they would let out a blast of energy, stunning nearby enemies.

When the elite upgrade was purchased, it upgraded into the Elite Arc Lasher.


The Arc Lasher was similar to the Plasma Whip, as they are both energy whips. However, unlike the Plasma Whip, the Arc Lasher was in a more rigid state, as it was contained until activated, and when activated it would lash in a quick straight line. The Plasma Whip, on the other hand, hung loose. The Arc Lasher's rate of fire was a bit slower than the Plasma Whip, which acted like the wrench.

GrummelNet Preview

"The GrummelNet Arc Lasher is the most advanced kinetic energy whip on the market. A single flick of the whip stuns your enemies into submission! Activating multiple whips will let out a blast of energy that stuns nearby foes!"

Behind the scenes

The Arc Lasher's icon is the same as the Rift Ripper 5000.


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