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Electroids are enemies featured in Ratchet & Clank. Originally from the planet Quartu, these were one of the first enemies Ratchet encountered on Veldin while on his way to investigate the crash site where he would eventually find Clank. They arrived at Veldin following Clank's crash-landing, who they were chasing. The Blarg manufactured the Electroids, evidently serving as guards for the robot factory on planet Quartu. They were succeeded by the PlasmaBots.


In the year 5354, the newly-built Clank escaped a robot factory with a Blarg ship, in order to warn the galaxy about Drek's schemes. Several Electroids were dispatched to hunt Clank down, pursuing him in their own Blarg ships. Eventually, one of the Electroids managed to get a lock on Clank, blasting his ship and sending it spiraling towards planet Veldin.



An Electroid piloting a Blarg fighter

Electroids are medium-sized, turquoise-colored, armored robots. They have a large upper torso area, and a small abdominal area which connects to a sphere of light that allows them to hover off the ground, increasing mobility. They have a single protrusile, telescopic sensor situated in the center of their torso, presumably used to visualize and scope. Their right arm consists of a laser cannon, which they can use to ward off enemies. The right arm has a simple, articulate robot hand.

Electroids are notably skilled pilots, managing to successfully give chase to Clank through the Solana Galaxy in Blarg fighters and accurately fire upon his ship, which caused him to crash land on Veldin.


Electroids only pose a threat at a close distance, as their Magma-Cannon's arc has a relatively short range. Because of their swift mobility, it is suggested to take them out using the Bomb Glove. However, their Magma-Cannon does not fire indefinitely, but for a couple seconds, before they cease fire, which gives the player a chance to destroy them with two hits from the wrench, or a single hyper-strike before they fire again.