Elaris is Qwark's second-in command of the Galactic Rangers. She provides support via the communication station.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank (2016 game)

It is not known how she came to join the Galactic Rangers, and not much is known about her early life, except that she grew up on Aleero City on Kerwan. A statue of her was built along with statues of Cora Veralux, Brax Lectrus and Captain Qwark at the Grav-Train station. She was, however, ignored and mistreated by the other Rangers, even being given a simple Broom Closet as an office. She designed most of the weapons used by the Rangers.

Ratchet & Clank (2016 game)

The Battle of Aleero City

When the other Rangers left to look for a new Ranger on Veldin after several planets were destroyed mysteriously , she stayed behind at Aleero City. After the others returned, the Drek Industries Warbots attacked the Hall of Heroes, and Elaris remained inside and provided technical support for Cora, Brax, and Qwark, and sent out Galactic Ranger Robots to assist. When Warbot re-enforcements arrived she warned the field Rangers.

As Blarg Armoured Transports dropped off Blarg Troopers all over Aleero City, Elaris and the Rangers grew worried. Fortunately, however, Ratchet and Clank appeared in Mr. Micron's ship and managed to take out the Dropships and many of the Warbots attacking around the city.

The Galactic Rangers were eventually outnumbered and surrounded by the attacking Warbots. However, as they were about to finish off the Rangers, Ratchet and Clank used a Mag-Booster to pick up the Warbots and save the Rangers. As the Blargian Warship moved in to finish the Rangers, Ratchet fired the Warbots at said Warship, destroying it. As the ship landed and Ratchet and Clank hopped out, Dallas Wanamaker, Juanita Alvaro, and many citizens of Aleero City ran up to them. Captain Qwark appeared and stated that he would field all questions on their behalf, and as Dallas asked if he would allow them to join the Galactic Rangers, he was forced to say yes.

New Ranger

Elaris gaming

Elaris playing UYA online

As Brax showed the new Rangers around, he introduced Ratchet and Clank to Elaris. Clank, who was now her assistant, stepped into her 'office' while the others went off for weapons training. Clank asked if it was really Elaris's office, to which she replied that it wasn't as bad as it seemed. She then told Clank of the previous Ranger to work in the office, Dr. Nefarious, who had been driven mad and betrayed the Rangers because of the office, but Elaris assured Clank that she would not turn evil. The two became friends immediately. Clank and Elaris then discovered that several famous landmarks had been stolen from the mysterious destroyed planets.

When Qwark and Ratchet came in wearing Jetpacks, they completely ignored what both Clank and Elaris had to say, and when the sprinklers were activated, Qwark simply told Elaris to mop the floor, and crashed through the roof to the Hall of Heroes cafeteria, causing a power outage. Clank asked if they always treated her this poorly, to which she replied with no, but as the power went out she changed her answer to yes.


Happy Elaris

Elaris cheering on Ratchet

As the blarg attacked Fort Krontos to destroy the Starwatch Defense Cannon on Batalia in order to make safe passage for their Hydroharvesters. The Rangers arrived on Batalia, save for Qwark, who apparently had 'urgent Galactic Ranger business' to attend to, but was really scheduling massages. As usual Elaris provided support from the Starship Phoenix. After Ratchet and Cora cleared the city, Ratchet used the Cannon to destroy the Battleships bombing the city, resulting in the Blarg's retreat. Elaris comfirmed this as the Blarg left.

Attack on Quartu

Elaris and Clank

The Rangers' fleet followed the Blarg back to Quartu. Elaris built a jetpack into Clank that would allow Ratchet to fly into Skorg City with the others. As Qwark told them his plan, which was to simply fly in guns blazing and arrest Drek, Elaris and Clank interrupted and offered their plan, but the others dismissed it before they could explain it. Elaris stayed behind on the Pheonix as usual to provide tech support, as the others flew in and infiltrated the Factory. After defeating Drek's guards, Ratchet, Clank and Cora discovered Chairman Drek's plan to build the perfect planet using pieces of other planets. Drek, however, was able to escape with Victor Von Ion. Drek's assistant, Zed, was left behind and interrogated. They discovered that Drek's next target was Novalis, which, unlike the other destroyed planets, greatly inhabited. The Rangers immediately left for the Deplanitizer.

The Deplanitizer

As the Rangers flew toward the Deplanitiser, Qwark explained his plan to negotiate with Drek. However, the others disagreed, as he had blown up six planets already. Elaris tried to explain her plan but Qwark muted her and flew away from the fleet. As the Rangers watched in shock, Victor Von Ion came out in his Death Ship and attacked them. Ratchet was able to destroy the ship, but Victor himself escaped and broke into the Pheonix to exact his revenge on Clank. Elaris and Clank hid, and Victor searched for them. Elaris jumped out and leapt on Victor, but was thrown at a pipe which sprayed water at Victor, accidentally discovering his weakness to water. Victor was, however, able to set fire to the bridge and chased Clank round the ship. Elaris directed Clank to the Damage Control Room and the Engine Room, and once the ship was back online she directed him to the Fire Suppression System, which he used to destroy Victor.

Ratchet, who was inside the Deplanitizer, was captured by Drek before he could deactivate it, and it was revealed that Qwark was working for Drek and had betrayed the Rangers. Novalis was Deplanitized and the Rangers returned to Kerwan, with Ratchet leaving for Veldin.

The Hologuise

After Clank persuaded Ratchet to return to the Rangers, they analysed his target list provided by Zed. They discovered that his final target was Umbris. Elaris explained that since there was a major conjunction of all the planets in the system that night, destroying Umbris' core would detonate the entire system. They then deducted that it was really Dr. Nefarious who had betrayed Drek and wanted to have the system destroyed on the Rangers' watch.

Elaris then explained her plan; at the Gadgetron Headquarters, Ratchet and Clank would pick up a Gadgetron Hologuise which would allow him to disguise himself as Captain Qwark and infiltrate the Deplanitiser. They would then disable the Gravity Stablizer, allowing the Rangers to use the Mag Booster to move the Deplanitiser off course. With their plan in action, the Rangers moved the Deplanitiser, instead destroying Drek's new planet. However, Ratchet and Clank, as well as Qwark, who had redeemed himself, were still facing Nefarious inside. Ratchet was able to lure Nefarious in his insta-mech into the star cracker core of the Deplanitizer, destroying him and the core. Ratchet, Clank and Qwark were just able to teleport out of the Deplanitiser before it fell onto Umbris and disintegrated.

Elaris remained the second in command of the Rangers after Ratchet became the leader.

Elaris full


She served as tech support for the Galactic Rangers, usually providing gear and tactical support. She was the brains of the Rangers and mostly preferred to think plans through before putting into action (something that Qwark and the other rangers tended to ignore).

During missions, she stayed by in the main ship (sometimes with Clank), mostly providing support on the sidelines. After Novalis's destruction, she provided the plan to invade the Deplanetizer with a Hologuise.

Character Details


She is very tall, her skin is light blue with dark blue markings along her face and hands, and her eyes are green. On the back of her head, she possesses two dark blue horns that curve downward.


Elaris is kind and extremely smart, but often ignored by the other Galactic Rangers, though she denies this. Elaris is socially awkward around big crowds.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Elaris was portrayed by actress Rosario Dawson.



Notes and references

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