El Matador is a bronze trophy awarded in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. It is obtained if nobody gets hit by a Grove beetle within the Orthani Gorge and Root Cavern segments of The Deadgrove.


When a Grove beetle spots you, it will charge you. To avoid getting hit, just double-jump right before the grove beetles are next to you. You do not need to kill the beetles to complete the trophy. Throughout the segments, there are six grove beetles in total, and the segments must be completed without reloading in order to obtain the trophy.

Additionally, if playing as Qwark, a player may use the Quantum Deflector to avoid damage and still earn the trophy.

If playing with partners, they too must not be hit by the beetles. However, if playing alone, the AI companion may take damage. Shooting the AI companion into the Grove beetles' paths is an effective way to earn the trophy.


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