The Ebarians were sentient species native to the world of Ebaro, located in Polaris Galaxy. Little was mentioned about them, or what they even look like, but a few details about were mentioned briefly. The Hidden City of Balkai was built by a colony of Ebarian Monks looking for Inner Peace; however, these monks later moved to Meridian City after GrummelNet began to sell Inner Peace. Its assumed not every Ebarian left Ebaro, since a Planetary Defense Center remains active on the planet.

Ebarian Monks also built a massive temple complex further north from the Hidden City of Balkai, which would later become Zurgo's Lair of Doom after they too abandoned it, where Zurgo would plot all his nefarious deeds at revenge at Qwark.[1]

Several massive torches purposely shaped like faces can be found in the Hidden City of Balkai, which slightly resemble General Grievous' mask of the Star Wars franchise. Its unknown whether these torches are representing an Ebarian face, or some sort of Ebarian deity.


Notes and references

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