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The Dynamo of Doom was a weapon that shot an electric orb which could be directed remotely. It upgraded into the Dynamo of Devastation at V5, which shot magnetized orbs. Charging the weapon will release an orb with an electric field around it but it will slow down the orb.


The Dynamo of Doom can be controlled by using the SIXAXIS feature. It was created to replace the Tornado Launcher from Tools of Destruction. [citation needed] Brian Allgeier described using the Tornado Launcher as like "patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time." [citation needed] To solve this problem, the Dynamo Of Doom orb rolls forwards automatically to make it easier for players to use. [citation needed]

GrummelNet Preview

"The Dynamo of Doom! Now this is a weapon for serious adventurers. Outnumbered by enemies? No problem. Even the score by deploying this remote-controlled orb. Once activated, you can steer it around the battlefield and wipe out the whole lot of them! The Dynamo of Doom! Available only at GrummelNet!"


Notes and references

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