Ratchet, huh? You look like a squirrel wrapped in tinfoil. I'm gonna take my time takin' you apart! Gonna give my fans their money's worth. And, uh, try not to go cryin' or anythin' all right? I want this to look good for the cameras.

Dull Bookworm, also known by his stage name "Reactor,"[1] was a huge combat robot with a nuclear reactor built into his body, who was once a high school math teacher before he became a DreadZone contestant.


Once a math teacher at the Kronos School for the Inept, he started to date Courtney Gears after their love for cafeteria food brought them together. At around this time she starred with him in Reactor: Rise of the Sociopathic Bloodlust.[2] Courtney frequented the school to complete market research for her next album.

A month went by, and the relationship began fading. Courtney could not slow down to the speed of Dull's dull life, and dumped him. Instead of being shocked and hurt, Dull raced out to the nearest personal enhancement center. He wanted to become a showstopper, the center of attention, a number one, the king of the hill, the top of the heap. As a result, he had a live nuclear explosive surgically implanted into his chest. Dull was a new man.

He quickly joined the DreadZone circuit, and became an Exterminator

Vernon's Reactor costume

for DreadZone. He became rich and famous, causing Courtney to run back to Dull, who was now known as Reactor. Of course, knowing Courtney, she only got back with Reactor for his fame, fortune, explosive personality, and money.

Because of his formidable strength, Reactor became one of the most dangerous Exterminators at DreadZone. He was Shellshock's friend, which led to their designing of part of the Crusader Tournament. Ratchet defeated him at a one-on-one battle in the Battledome, causing the Lombax's popularity to soar.


Vernon is a child who is a huge fan of Reactor. He appeared with him in a commercial and has a homemade costume based on him. Vernon also claimed Reactor could eat metal.


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