Into the Nexus Dual Omniblaster promo

Ratchet with Dual Omniblasters


Omniblaster upgrading to Dual Omniblasters

The Dual Omniblasters were the V3 upgrade for the Omniblaster.[1] After upgrading to Dual Omniblasters Ratchet had two Omniblasters instead of one.[2]

​Raritanium weapon upgrades

  • Ammo: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Rate of Fire: How fast the weapon shoots.
  • Damage: How hard your weapon hits the enemy.
  • Range: Increases the distance of your weapon.
  • Bolts: Increases the amount of bolts from defeated enemies.

​Mystery upgrades

  • Ammo Drop: Increases the amount of ammo you get from boxes for this weapon.
  • Kinetic Blast: The Omniblaster causes some kickbacks to opponents.


Notes and references

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