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The Dual Lacerators were the upgraded version of the Lacerator. They dished out the damage, while looking cool as well. According to its description, nine out ten movie stars from the Solana Galaxy chose the Dual Lacerators. If Ratchet had Slim Cognito's illegal Double Barrel-mod, he would've had four barrels, except in Secret Agent Clank. In that game, Ratchet would automatically had four barrels as soon as he upgraded the Lacerators. He had two automatically at the start of the game. Clank stole them from the Boltaire Museum, where they were on loan from the Galactic Museum of Heroism.

In-game summaries

When it comes to dishing out damage and looking cool at the same time, 9 out 10 movie celebrities choose the Dual Lacerators. With these you can look great while holding a fully-upgraded Lacerator in each hand for double the damage!
―Weapon Description (Size Matters)  [Size Matters]
The Dual Lacerators are durable blaster pistols that also pack a punch. Firing super-heated plasma slugs that strike enemies like a laser, the Dual Lacerators are great for mowing down enemies one by one.
―Weapon Description (Secret Agent Clak)  [SAC]

Weapon Mods

Seeker Mod
The Seeker Mod allows Lacerator shots that have struck an opponent to refract and target other nearby enemies.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

Available in Challenge Mode, costs 15,000 bolts.

Hunter Mod
The Hunter Mod allows the Lacerators to enter a super-targeting mode as long as the firing trigger is held down that automatically tracks the current target.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

Available in Challenge Mode, costs 10,000 bolts.


The Dual Gingerbread cake that Clank sent to Ratchet while he was in Prison provided him with the Dual Lacerators, so that he could protect himself


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