Grungarian transport ship

A Grungarian Dropship attempting to unload Grungarian forces

Grungarian Dropships were the chief vessels for invading worlds for the Grungarian horde.

Description and abilities

Unlike most other dropships seen throughout the Ratchet & Clank series, the Grungarian Dropship was not built for combat, being completely unarmed. Instead, the dropship was built to drop its load of troops before leaving the area as quickly as possible. This was done in part because the dropship did not fly close to the ground, and it deployed its troops using a teleportation beam, allowing it to escape enemy fire easily. It was highly important to know if a Grungarian Dropship was on the move, because if so, then the Q-Force base was about to be assaulted by Grungarian Marauders.

Grungarian Dropships were first encountered in Korgon Refinery on planet Markazia and were seen in almost every level in the game.

Encountered on


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