DreadZone Dropship

DreadZone Dropship

Ratchet and Drophyd Dropship
Tyhrranoid Dropship
Technomite Dropship
X12 Endgame dropship
Nefarious Dropship
Thugs-4-Less Brutes Dropship Maktar Resort

Dropships were ships which transported several foes to positions in front of Ratchet in an attempt to kill him. They could be destroyed, but they took a lot of damage. In Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando and Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, they did not give any experience or bolts when destroyed, but they did in Ratchet: Deadlocked.


The Dropships all deployed troops down onto the battlefield and were almost always used as offensive gunships, as most of them possessed lasers. The Blarg in the original game possessed several of these ships to deploy their elite troopers.During Going Commando, Extermibots use these when sent in to combat the Protopet menace invading Allgon City, Damosel.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Tyhrranoids used Tyhrranoid Dropships in every one of their major battles, often overwhelming whole squads of Galactic Rangers and entire cities. In Deadlocked, Gleeman Vox used hundreds of these small craft to pit Ratchet against his massive hordes of gladiators.

In A Crack in Time, Agorians used Talons to deploy reinforcements to areas that they were invading.Dr. Nefarious has used these twice. First, he used these dropships to deploy the more elite Troopers he possessed back in the Solana Galaxy during Up Your Arsenal. Later, during A Crack in Time when he resurfaced in the Polaris Galaxy, he used new dropships to beam down his army of Nefarious Troopers.

Thugs-4-Less used dropships twice as well. First, they used Thugs-4-Less Dropships to deploy Thugs-4-Less Brutes to the Maktar Casino in Going Commando. Later, in Into the Nexus, Thugs used new dropships during the destruction of the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship and across the Zarkov Sector until the aftermath of Ratchet's battle with Neftin Prog.

Emperors Otto Destruct and Percival Tachyon also utilized dropships. Otto Destruct had a Technomite Dropship in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters that deployed forces on Jowai Resort, but Ratchet destroyed it at the Technomite City. Percival Tachyon had Drophyd Dropships which he used to deploy his Drophyd armies to protect Tachyon-controlled areas in Tools of Destruction.

Not all Dropships were armed or used by the enemy. In the third game, the Starship Phoenix possessed a single Dropship which could hold Ratchet, Clank, and one squad of Galactic Rangers. It was brown in color and rather bulbous, but it had a fearsome design. Gleeman Vox used a remote-controlled Dropship to deliver Ratchet to his battles in the Shadow Sector, but any tampering with the controls would result in automatic self-destruct. In Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, the dropships employed by the Grungarians were only used to beam down reinforcements, not to attack Ratchet, Clank, or Qwark.


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