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The Drophyd Sentry was a Drophyd in armor similar to a trooper, except lacking a gun and both arms ended in two pronged pincers, they are identical to drophyd defenders except they lacked shields.

Description and abilities

Drophyd Sentries looked similar to standard Drophyd Trooper, except it was equipped with two large pincers for arms. They used these two pincers to attack Ratchet, doing moderate amounts of damage. They were; however, incredibly slow enemies, and hobbled toward Ratchet at a pace of a turtle. However, Drophyd Sentries almost never traveled alone, and were known to pop up, either by teleportation or by Drophyd Transport Ship, in small areas surrounded by walls or a long fall to the player's doom. Even still, they weren't that much of a threat, and weapons like the Combuster finished them off with ease. Some Drophyd Sentries were equipped with advanced cloaking devices that made them nearly invisible, save for a strange distortion around where they were standing. These types of enemies would remain still until Ratchet neared, then they would move to strike. Hitting one would deactivate the cloaking device, but in 3–5 seconds, the cloaking shield would reactivate.

Drophyd Sentries first appeared on Metropolis on planet Kerwan along with the rest of the Imperial Army. The Drophyd Sentries equipped with cloaking devices first appeared on Zordoom Prison, planet Viceron.

Encountered on


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