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The Drone Device (originally named the Defense Droids [1]) is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Ratchet & Clank. It is a defensive weapon which launches six drones around Ratchet to absorb many forms of incoming damage, as well as to attack enemies immediately surrounding him. The drones are launched as soon as the weapon is selected.

The weapon becomes available for purchase from planet Hoven onwards for 7,500 bolts, or 5,000 with the Persuader. There is no gold upgrade.


The drones launched by the device are very small, metallic and silver. They have two blue eyes on the front, a green antennae at the top and a small, round metallic pad at the back. The drones, when launched, orbit around Ratchet, all in a line behind each other.


The Drone Device, when launched, will float around Ratchet, until an enemy is encountered close by, in which they will self-destruct and attack them. The drones will block many forms of damage, such as incoming ranged projectiles, but not all of them.

The Drone Device is a relatively weak weapon. It does not always block damage, and only attacks enemies in very close proximity to Ratchet. As such, the weapon essentially functions as a melee weapon, though one that has paid ammunition, unlike the OmniWrench or Walloper. While the weapon does sometimes block damage, it can only block damage six times, one for each drone, meaning the weapon does not provide much utility, and the player can choose to skip the weapon entirely.

Despite what the Help Menu description states, Defensive Drones cannot protect Ratchet from incoming projectiles even though bullets count as projectiles.

Behind the scenes

The ammo of the Drone Device is misnamed in Ratchet & Clank as Drone Glove ammo. The color code of the weapon's text is also incorrect - it is white, while other weapons' texts are light brown.

If one deployed the Drone Device while being attacked by the machine gunners at the Gemlik Base, they would zoom up and intercept every shot until they disappeared, lasting quite a while. This could possibly cause a sound glitch, where the sound would loop and continue even after they disappeared, continuing until the player left the level or shut the game.

In-game summaries

Defensive Drone Glove! Surround yourself with a screen of point defense bots.
— Vendor Description, R&C
Whenever this device is selected from the QuickSelect menu or Weapons menu, it will automatically deploy protective Defense Drones. These drones will absorb damage from incoming attacks, leaving your hands free to use other weapons.
If any drones are destroyed, simply select the device again to replenish your orbiting friends.
— Help Menu Description, R&C