Alonzo Drek,[1] usually referred to as Chairman Drek or just Drek, was the evil, calculating, nasty chairman of the blarg, who partnered with Dr. Nefarious in order to see his plan to create a perfect new world for himself come to fruition, however his true intention was to gain money. Drek was eventually betrayed by Nefarious, who turned him into a sheep and put in an escape pod that crashed on Drek's New Planet. Later on, he morphed back to his original Blarg form, but only seconds before the planet was destroyed accidentally by the Deplanetiser, ultimately killing Drek.


Pre-Ratchet & Clank

Alonzo Drek hated living on Quartu, which had been polluted by his father's company. So he hatched a plan to create his own perfect planet: New Quartu. At this point he allied with Dr. Nefarious - who had plans to develop the Deplanetizer battle station, which Drek could use as part of his plan. Drek then had several planets deplanetized in order to collect the parts so that they could be added to New Quartu.

Ratchet & Clank (PS4)


Drek and his prime lieutenant Victor Von Ion came to visit Nefarious in Quartu's robot factory to check on the new Warbot troops. The three noticed a defect that attempted to escape, and so Drek sent Victor after him. However, the defect escaped, so the chairman sent his forces after it. However, a Lombax named Ratchet found the defect and repaired him, protecting him from the Blarg forces.

Drek's Message

Drek also sent out a message to his Blarg forces explaining that there new Warbot army would soon commence an attack on the Galactic Ranger's home base at the Hall of Heroes.

Attack on Kerwan

Drek's Warbot attack of Aleero City failed and the Warbots were destroyed by Ratchet and Clank, angering Drek, however his Blarg forces still remained inside the city. The troops attempted to destroy the Hall of Heroes using a bomb being transported by a grav train, however the plot was foiled by Ratchet.


During the grand opening of the Mcmarx Sports Shack, three Blarg ask Skid McMarx to sign the schematics for Drek's Hydro Harvesters, which he did, however the hoverboarder forgot to give back the schematics back, and the Blarg attacked him. Skid escaped, but his agent, Don Wonderstar, was chased behind the shack. After saving Skid from the Sandsharks, Ratchet and Clank saved Don and destroyed all of the Blarg on the planet.



Destroy them all!

Drek's Amoeboid army later attacked planet Rilgar. Ratchet and Clank arrived at Rilgar to compete in the Hoverboard races, and helped in wiping out the creatures.

Nebula G34

At some point, Drek had set up a bio- lab in Nebula G34, where he experimented on creatures such as Alien Snappers. He often spoke to his scientists in the lab via speakers, telling them things such as that if they disagreed with any of his plans, they could report their query to one of the armed murderous Warbots patrolling the halls. He also reminded them that if any of his Blarg soldiers were caught attempting to feed the Blargian Snagglbeast, they would be its next meal.


A statue of Drek found on the Deplanetiser.

Eventually, the bio-lab became infested with Alien Swarmers, forcing them to abandon their Blarg warship. Ratchet and Clank eventually visited the lab, and destroyed all of his experiments, including the Blargian Snagglebeast. They then interrogated one of his scientists. The duo also destroyed the abandoned warship, after taking a Predator Launcher, one of Drek's experiments, from the ship. Clank also explored the outside of Nebula, where he found a pair of Mag Boots.


Drek and Nefarious at some point also set up a large Blarg Depot inside the Lava Fields of Gaspar. The base was under the control of the Brain Scientist, a Blarg scientist with a strange obsession with Telepathopus brains. The Blarg at the depot constructed weapons and gadgets for the Blargian cause. This base was infiltrated by Ratchet and Clank, who ended up finding and taking a pair of Grind Boots.The duo also met the Brain Scientist, who used them to collect brains for his telepathic army. The Scientist also gave them a Jetpack, another one of Drek's experiments.



Stanley, are you seriously still texting after what I just said?

Much later, Drek sent his forces to Fort Krontos on planet Batalia to destroy the Starwatch Defence Cannon, in order to make safe passage for their Harvesters, utilizing massive Blarg Battleships. However, Ratchet, Clank, and Cora Veralux faced his Blarg forces, and used the cannon to take out the Battleships.


Drek sent his huge millipede- like Hydroharvesters to take water from the Jowai Resort on Pokitaru. This alerted the resort owner, Felton Razz, who called his brother, Grimroth. Grim told Ratchet, so the Lombax, along with Clank, travelled to Pokitaru. After escorting Felton to the other side of the resort and receiving a ship upgrade from Big Al, the duo used their Class-g Star Jumper's tesla rockets to destroy the Hydro Harvesters. They then took out the Amoeboids in the resort's sewer system.

NEjiZPMP3dBlnk 3 b

Sheep Drek

Escape to the Deplanetiser

When the Galactic Rangers attacked Quartu, Drek escaped before they could confront him. However, they managed to track him to the Deplanetizer, which Ratchet attempted to take down himself. Once Ratchet made it to Drek's Office, the chairman revealed his plan to keep Deplanitising planets, until the galaxy was full of Blarg owned planets forged not by nature, but by company.

Later, Ratchet was caught off guard by Drek via Mag-Net Launcher and was sent away - spared so that Ratchet could witness his failure in stopping Novalis' destruction.

Kalebo III

The Blarg also attacked the Gadgetron CoporationHQ for the weapons and gadgets manufactured by the company. They kidnapped Gadgetron employees, and also flooded the Gadgetron Sponsored Hoverboard Races. Eventually, the duo, Ratchet and Clank, took out the Blarg all over the city.

Betrayal and Death

Drek (re-imagined)

Drek speaks with Nefarious

As the Deplanetizer was moved into Umbris orbit so that it could be deplanetized, Qwark (who had allied himself with the Blarg) confronted the chairman about how part of the deal was that his rangers would not be harmed, Drek stated that he had no choice and then tried to get Qwark to leave, with Qwark attempting to warn Drek that working with Nefarious was a mistake, as he was incredibly dangerous.

Drek did not heed his warning, and was incredibly pleased as Nefraious came in - proclaiming that they were a dream team and that they should make T-shirts. Nefarious had Qwark leave, and then as Drek began talking with him he was caught off guard by Nefarious, who sheepinated him. Now a sheep, Drek was dragged away by Nefarious and placed into a space shuttle, and launched away to crash land into New Quartu. Drek died upon contact with the planet.

Ratchet and Clank (Movie)

Planet Tenemule is No More

"Commence Deplanitisation!"

Chairman Drek's first target was planet Tenemule, a small, unpopulated planet in the Solana Galaxy. After moving the massive, newly built Deplanetiser into orbit around the planet, he began his speech in front of his Blarg goons, not before warning them to stop texting. He was almost finished his speech when he discovered that Stanley, one of his Blarg underlings, was still texting.


Drek captures Ratchet

Smiling, Drek called for his prime robotic lieutenant and muscle, Victor Von Ion. The lieutenant forced Stanley to dial hismother. When she answered, he ate the phone, easily tearing the metal device apart. Drek then yelled to commence deplanitisation, and Tenemule was blown to pieces.


"I'd hate to have to send you back where I found you."

Later on, Drek discussed his evil plans with Victor in his office on Quartu. After telling Victor his final target, Novalis, the warbot lieutenant warned him about the Galactic Rangers patrolling that part of the system. Drek then told Victor of his plans to assassinate the Rangers, using an army currently being built by Dr. Nefarious. The two, along with Drek's attendant Zed, traveled to the Robot Factorywhere they met Nefarious. The doctor showed them his Warbots; the bots were programmed solely to destroy the Rangers, knowing every target in the Ranger handbook. Drek then warned Nefarious that if the bots failed, there would be consequences, and that he would hate to have send him back where he found him.

The doctor assured him that his warbots wouldn't just kill the Rangers; they'd 'annihilate' them. As Nefarious laughed maniacally, the Zoni caused lighting to strike the factory, creating Clank. Victor chased down the defect, but Clank got away in an escape pod that later crashed on Veldin, where a Lombax named Ratchet found and repaired the defect.
Nefarious and Drek

Drek and Nefarious staring

Defeat at the hands of a Lombax

"It's enough to make me want to vaporise someone!"

To Drek's dismay, the invasion of Aleero City was stopped by none other than Ratchet and Clank, who then became Galactic Rangers. In his office, the chairman yelled at Nefarious and Victor, saying it made him feel the need to vaporise someone. Nefarious then explained that if they kept trying to defeat the Rangers with muscle, they'd lose every time, but they could instead turn one of the Rangers against the others. Nefarious persuaded Drek to pick Captain Qwark, the leader of the Rangers.

Attack of the Galactic Rangers

"Let's scatter the Cockroaches."

Clank was able to lead the Galactic Rangers to the Robot Factory. In his office, Drek ordered his tiny, robotic attendant, Zed, to activate the Zurkons, which he did. The blue robots chased Qwark into Drek's office, where the chairman introduced him to his Blarg team. They pesuaded the captain to join them. After this, Drek and Victor escaped to the Deplanetiser, deliberately leaving Zed. However, the tiny robot gave away Drek's next target; Novalis.

Showdown on the Deplanetiser

"Destroy them all!

As the Deplanetiser slowly moved into orbit around planet Novalis. the Starship Phoenix and the Galactic Rangers approached the station. Qwark flew ahead of the other Rangers and lost them, before recieving a call from Drek via hologram. The chairman made sure that Qwark had deactivated the weapons system for the Rangers' fleet, which he had. After assuring Qwark that the Rangers were not to be harmed, Drek ordered his forces to kill all the Rangers. After realizing their weapons systems were deactivated, the Rangers retreated.

However, thinking Qwark was fighting Drek on his own -Qwark was really being massaged by Blarg Officers- Ratchet abandoned his ship and broke into the Deplanetiser. Ratchet made it to the Starcracker Terminal. Drek snuck up on the Lombax and trapped him using a Mag-net. Two Blarg took Ratchet through the Deplanetiser to the hangar as Drek explained his plan to the Lombax. The chairman then told the Blarg to toss Ratchet in one of the shuttles, as he wanted the Ranger to live to see his failure. Novalis was then deplanitised, and Drek activated his harvesters to collect pieces for his New Planet.

New Quartu

"Bring in New Quartu!"

Drek then added the pieces collected from Novalis to New Quartu, completing the planet. As the chairman admired his new planet, the other Blarg looked at the horrible, red planet in confusion.


"There's our little juggling psychopath now!"

As Drek plotted with a Blarg controller, an angry Captain Qwark teleported into the Bridge. Qwark accused Drek of trying to kill his Rangers, and the chairman replied saying that sacrifices are nessecary for the greater good. The Captain then brought up Nefarious, saying that Drek had no idea the kinds of evil the doctor was capable of. The doctor then arrived in the bridge, and pushed Qwark out of the room. Drek then exclaimed "that was fun!" and spun around on his moped. The Doctor then turned Drek into a Sheep using the Sheepinator, and told him it was time for a change of management. Nefarious stuffed sheep Drek into an escape pod and fired it onto New Quartu.


Rnc promotion

Drek's first reveal image

As the Deplanetiser was about to blow up Umbris, the Galactic Rangers used Mag Boosters to knock the weapon of course, and it instead shot its beam at New Quartu. In the moments preceding this, the sheepinated Drek stumbled out of his escape pod on the planet's surface, and as the weapon's effect wore off, he reverted back to his Blarg form and griped about Nefarious right before noticing the Deplanetiser's beam, destroying him along with New Quartu.


After Nefarious killed Drek, the Blarg were probably forced to either find a new homeworld or return to Quartu.

Character Details

Supreme Drek

Drek in his office as Qwark arrives


The next time you and those moronic Rangers decide to play hero, plan better!
―Drek to Ratchet  [R&C (movie)]

Alonzo Drek is a cold calculating businessman with a reputation for recycling minions who fail him into office supplies. Drek is a malicious planner and tactician whose maxim is "impulse is the enemy of progress." He is a salesman and motivational speaker who tries to spin everything to his advantage.

He is smarmy, sneaky, and ruthless.[2] He is also very excitable, getting excited over the prospect of seeing his new soldiers, and the idea of making "dream team T-shirts" of himself, Nefarious, and Qwark. However, he has the flaw of being too trusting of people who are of great aid to him, as shown by how he was manipulated and usurped by Dr. Nefarious.

Behind the scenes

  • He is voiced by Academy Award-nominated actor Paul Giamatti.[3]
  • While Drek is voiced by Paul Giamatti in the movie, Eric Bauza voices the character in the video game. Some of the cutscenes with footage taken from the movie have Paul voicing Drek and is credited therefor in the game's credits.
  • Due to being usurped by Dr. Nefarious as the true main antagonist, Drek is not given a final boss battle. As a result of not being required for any in-game moments, he has no proper real-time model in the PS4 game, with his Holocard utilizing a picture of the statues modeled in his likeness instead.



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