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Drek's fleet consisted of six enormous Blarg warships that Drek used for invasions. It served as Drek's main base of operations. Ratchet and
Drek's Fleet

Ratchet explores Drek's Fleet

Clank visited the Fleet while it orbited planet Veldin. Ratchet and Clank took out Drek's defenses with the starfighter docked here.

The Ships

Water Tanker

The Water Tanker was part of the Drek's Fleet. It is first seen when Drek orders Qwark to use a space shuttle
Landing Vessel

Chairman Drek and Captain Qwark inside the Water Tanker

to travel to the Gemlik Moonbase and stop Ratchet and Clank when they arrive. The Water Tanker is also the ship in which Ratchet and Clank landed once they infiltrated Drek's Fleet. It is called as such, because it carries water to Drek's new planet.

The ship's water reserves are filled with traps that include mines and lasers. To travel through them, Ratchet had to press a button that would open the underwater doors and deactivate the electric security system for the water reserves. Unfortunately, it would also activate a countdown. If Ratchet didn't get out on time, the security system would be reactivated, and Ratchet would be electrocuted. A similar defense system can be found on planet Quartu.

Missile Cruiser

Missile Cruiser

Ratchet wearing the holo-guise inside the Missile Cruiser

The Missile Cruiser was a small battle ship and was quite easy to access. It was merely a corridor full of Sentry-bots and Robodogs v2.0.


Orange ship

Ratchet inside the Dreadnought

The Dreadnought was a part of Drek's Fleet in the Veldin Orbit. There were many rooms with Sentry-bot guards and Robomutts where Ratchet needed to kill the robomutts and not let the guards see him without the Hologuise.

Light Cruiser

Light Cruiser

Ratchet explores the Light Cruiser

The Light Cruiser was part of Drek's Fleet. Like the other ships in Drek's Fleet, it was filled with Robodogs v2.0 and security systems such as laser beams.

Drek's Flagship

Control Room

Ratchet and Clank sneaking into the Flagship's control room

Drek's Flagship was the main ship in Drek's Fleet. It was where that the Infobot with the coordinates for planet Veldin was kept. Drek ruled his empire from the Flagship's control room.

Aboard this ship Ratchet had to walk on the ceiling of the ship and even walk on the outside the ship, which required the use of the Magneboots and the O2 Mask. Later, Ratchet acquired a small fighter ship for the third and final time, which he used to destroy turrets attached to the Water Tanker's hull, allowing him to travel to the control room without getting obliterated by the turrets.

Unknown vessel

The Unknown vessel was a support ship in Drek's Fleet, located in front of Drek's flagship. It was not accessible, but you could see that it contained the room that appeared in movies with Drek on his flagship.

The vessel was small and its main body was shaped roughly analogous to a leech with two massive engine pylons connected to its sides. It was probably armed, but like most of the other ships in the fleet, didn't fire on Ratchet while he disabled the Blarg Tanker. It is unknown what the ship's class or role was.



  • There is in fact a sixth vessel in Drek's Fleet. It is a relatively small vessel with two massive engines on pylons. The class of this vessel is unknown as it is an inaccessible area. It is located in front of Drek's Flagship, and is also where Drek had his meetings with the Novalis Chairman, Qwark, and his soldiers.
  • It is unclear what happened to the fleet after Drek's demise. It was most likely wiped out by the explosion of Drek's planet when it was destroyed.
  • When getting spotted by Sentrybots and they press the alarm, the shots fired from the ground will go through walls or doors.