Dreadgrub 22b

Dreadgrubs were large enemies native to the Deadgrove, on planet Magnus. They tended to travel in groups. Despite their sizes, these creatures would attack anything they encountered. When attacking, they would roll up into the shape of a ball and smash into their foes with their backs, covered with spikes. They were, however, rather weak, as a single hit with a wrench would kill them instantly. [citation needed] They were mostly found in the Deadgrove, but a few dreadgrubs were found in the N.E.S.T.

There were many forms of dreadgrub; deep in the abyss of the Deadgrove was an Abyss Dreadgrub, which differed by only in color; abyss dreadgrubs were blue. The Grivelnox spat out fire dreadgrubs, red dreadgrubs on fire.


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