I hate this job. AAAAHHHH!!!!!!
―A DreadZone Test Bot being electrocuted by a Deadlock Collar in order to highlight its "features" to Ratchet.  [Deadlocked]

Two test bots demonstrate the functions of the Dreadzone collars

The DreadZone Test Bots were a pair of robots who work for Gleeman Vox in DreadZone. Generally, their main purpose is to personally demonstrate the punishment heroes will receive if they refuse to compete.

The Test Bots first appear when Vox demonstrates to Ratchet the features of the Deadlock collar that all competing heroes wear. With one touch of a button on Vox's remote, the first Test Bot is electrocuted. With the second press, the collar detonates and blows the head off the second Test Bot.

Later, one of the Test Bots appears on Vox's monitor to discuss the recent sales figures for Ace Hardlight merchandise. Much to Vox's anger, nothing is selling except for[Fuzzy Lombax Ears, and he tells the Test Bot to set up a focus test before reporting to B-Level for disintegration.

After Ratchet defeats Ace Hardlight, Vox tries to talk him into accepting a lucrative deal with him on DreadZone, but when Ratchet refuses, Vox calls up a Test Bot and tells him to prepare The Gauntlet of Doom for Ratchet, which the Bot claims is "mathematically proven to be unbeatable."

After the events of Deadlocked, the Test Bots left the Shadow Sector and took up work in a spaceport, but fled after a disastrous incident in which they accidentally smashed a wrecking ball into a vessel. They eventually started a small home business that sold explosive and volatile merchandise. Although the business started slow, the Test Bots became incredibly wealthy when they began receiving constant orders from a new holo-vision reality show.

Epilogue - Testbots

Test bots in trouble


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