Oozla Swamp Dweller
Oozla Swamp Dwellers

Dragon Boats on Oozla

The Dragon Boat was a creature native to planet Oozla.[1] It had a dragon like head, goat like horns, long neck, armored back, six fins and a tail. These creatures lived in the murky water eating algea, and watching Ratchet as they floated in the water. They were very helpful, as they took Ratchet across murky water ways when he stepped on their backs. They weren't very intelligent however, as after they had taken him to a location they submerged themselves into the water, even if Ratchet was still on their back. They were only found by Ratchet on the swampy waterways leading away from the MegaCorp Outlet, as they feared being food for Swamp Monster I. [citation needed]



Notes and references

  1. Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando Official Strategy Guide‏ p12

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