Don Wonderstar
Sprocket and Plank. I like the sound of it.
―Don Wonderstar, after Ratchet and Clank saved him  [R&C (PS4)]

Don Wonderstar, mostly known as Skid's agent, was the agent of pro-hoverboarder Skidd McMarx.

Don Wonderstar (re-imagined) (2)

Don Wonderstar, on planet Aridia, after being saved by Ratchet and Clank


On planet Aridia, Don was attacked by the blarg, because they were looking for Skidd McMarx, who apparently had information which belonged to their Chairman, Drek. After Ratchet and Clank saved Don he thanked the two and then thanked the duo by promoting their them and their heroic work.

When Ratchet took care of the dangerous native wild species of the planet, the Sandsharks he was able to reunite with his client and he then gave Ratchet an Infobot to Blackwater City on Rilgar so that he could partiapate in the annual Hoverboard races. He and Skid then preceded to leave the planet in their rocket heading to a hospital to get Skid's broken leg checked out.


  • In the original game, Ratchet and Clank got promoted and got a Sonic Summoner from Don after receiving the Platinum Zoomerator from winning the Hoverboard Race in Blackwater City, but in the re-imagining he gives them the coordinates to get to Blackwater City as well as promotes them for saving his life.
  • It is only revealed in the re-imagined game that Skidd's agent's actual name is Don Wonderstar.


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