Dobbo was an aquatic jungle planet that was home to one of the largest MegaCorp testing facilities in the Bogon Galaxy. It was here that MegaCorp tested products for safety and rejected those that were considered too dangerous.

Orbiting Dobbo was a small moon known as Lunar City. MegaCorp Games challengers must first defeat the Thugs-4-Less mech on Lunar City before advancing to the MegaCorp Games located on Joba.

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  • Dobbo made a cameo appearance in a trailer of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.[1]
  • When using the Glider in the Testing Facility, all enemies and elevators were disappeared. If the player returned to the main corridor via glitching without dying and teleport to the outside level, enemies, as well as the holographic platforms, were disappeared in the rest of the planet as well.
    • If the player died and then returned to the start, only the enemies of the first part of the facility were visible and all light and alarm visual effects of the MegaCorp sentinels were not shown.


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