One more time people, like we rehearsed it! And… Action!
— The Director, UYA

The director was the one that directed Secret Agent Clank, most notably the holovision film Maxmillian Strikes Back. He took great pride in his works and typically had a good rapport with Clank for the most part; the Director; however, had no patience for Ratchet whatsoever.


It was likely he proposed the series to Clank and set him up as the star. It was his decisions on set that made Clank look like a suave, calculated super agent while Ratchet was reduced to nothing more than a mere chauffeur, earning him the ridicule of the galaxy he was always saving.

The Director also didn't seemed concerned by the robot crisis investigated by Nefarious, as he was more concerned about Clank's absence on the set when the latter was on a real mission to save the galaxy.

While filming another episode of Secret Agent Clank at Holostar Studios, The Director lost his patience and fired Ratchet for his clumsiness on set and replaced him with Skrunch, who proved a much more popular sidekick than Ratchet. However, Ratchet was probably happy to leave the show after being forced to hold such a lowly role.

Concept Art - Director

Early concept art of the Director


  • The director is also one of the few characters to swear. When Clank Fights the Terror of Talos, the Director says, "That's it Clank! Kick some-" He is cut off by a feedback sound.
  • If you died on the mission when you control Clank, he can be heard saying "take - people." showing the game remembers how many times you died.