Good luck on saving the galaxy… or whatever.
— Deserter biding farewell to Ratchet and Clank., R&C

The Deserter was a young and cowardly soldier that went AWOL during the war against Blarg aggression.


Originally a mere young adult, the future soldier had previously lived at home with is family while trying to find money to support his eventually entrance. He eventually joined the Army in order to further support his education, where he was stationed at Fort Krontos, planet Batalia, under the command of the Commando. What he wasn't expecting; however, was the possibility of war.

In the year 5354, the Blarg had been ravaging the Solana Galaxy under the orders of their leader Drek as part of an ambitious plan to create a new suitable planet for them to reside on after their own homeworld of Oxron had become inhospitable due to pollution. Eventually, Batalia was next world to be target by the Blarg. From their depot on their colony planet, Gaspar, the Blarg invaded Batalia with the support of Blarg Destroyers.

The Blarg invaders proved to much to bare for, resulting in AWOL of the Deserter when the rest of his unit went AWOL too, leaving the Commando to fight the Blarg all by himself. While deserting his position, he came across a busted Blarg robot that was carrying an Infobot, which not only held coordinates to planet Gaspar, but also information regarding a Blarg helmet that allowed only thoughts to fly hi-tech Blarg fighter craft.

Eventually he found himself alone on a platform near an extensive Grindrail system at the edge of Fort Krontos, wishing he could only return to his family; however, he lacked the bolts to secure this trip back home.

Eventually after quite some time, Ratchet and Clank arrived out nowhere. Not knowing whether they were friendly or foe, the Deserter ordered the two strangers to halt and demanded they identify who they were. Clank with his armed raised in the manner of surrender stated he and Ratchet were on a mission to save the galaxy. Ratchet scolded Clank, telling the small robot to "speak for yourself", and added that Clank should up his hands down.

When the Deserter realized the duo posed no threat to his life, the Deserter remarked he didn't care if they were enemy or foe, as he simply wanted to go home. The Deserter regaled his story of why he had joined the Army to pay for college and had not expected a war to occur. Clank told the Deserter he was fighting for a noble cause, but the Deserter remarked that he didn't really care about the cause, stating all he really wanted was to return to his family. The Deserter then pulled out the Infobot he had collected from earlier on, insisting he would trade some bolts for the Infobot in order to secure a bus fare.

Ratchet and Clank decided the Infobot could have valuable information they neededand thus the deal with the Deserter was agreed upon. As Deserter was about to leave, he wished the duo good luck on saving the "galaxy…or whatever.", before jumping into Batalia's waters to search for a means to get back home.

Two years later following the Blarg invasion of Batalia, the Deserter saw premiere of the new Secret Agent Clank movie, Maxmillian Strikes Back, ironically sitting next to his former commanding officer, the Commando.