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Desert Riders
The wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the bugs in your teeth. We are the Desert Riders.
— An advertisement for the Desert Riders., GC

The Desert Riders were an elite group of Hoverbike riders sponsored by Thugs-4-Less and opened to socially awkward individuals who just didn't "fit in." They were based on Vukovar Canyon in Barlow but also competed at the MegaCorp Games on Joba. Ratchet and Clank joined the Desert Riders after fixing one of the riders' Hoverbikes and winning a race. The Desert Riders got their name from the fact that they speeded through the arid canyons and desert valleys of Barlow.To become one you would have to beat the Riders in a race and win their trademark helmet.When Ratchet did that,one of the head Riders unknowlingly gave Ratchet a coordinate to a Thugs-4-Less meet up. The desert riders made a cameo appearance in Deadlocked being shown on Vox News showing a picture of Ratchet standing with them saying that it was one of several crimes he had done in the past, although these were all lies.

Notable Members

Desert riders

Two Desert Riders seen in the MegaCorp Games advert


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