Desert Dune Monsters were very large, round, orange and black monsters that hid in the sands of the Tabora desert, pretending to be debris that looked like a pile of planks and beams. When Ratchet and Clank approached one, it would jump out hiding into the air and attack with a purple laser that came from its eye. The laser was like a rope that followed the contours of the dunes. If Ratchet were to stray too far from the original place the Dune Monster was hiding, it will not follow and just dig back into its original spot, with the exception of no debris. This gives the player an opportunity to pick it off from a distance using long range weapons like the Pulse Rifle or Visibomb Gun. Pieces of its thick armor would also fall off in different stages of damage to it, though this has no effect on its defense or offense. Upon dying, a Desert Dune Monster would flip backwards and fall into the sand, then release a desert crystal. It is unknown how they fly. Several of these crystals, which were exchanged with the New Age Mystic for bolts, were found in the monsters.

There were only 35 Desert Dune Monsters in the entire game, and after killing them all, they could not be encountered again.