Desert Crystal

Desert Crystals were jewels infused with a raw and potent mystical energy. They could be found only in the dunes of Tabora. The New Age Mystic was on that very planet when Ratchet and Clank were there, and he used Desert Crystals to instantaneously repair their Star Explorer. The rest of the crystals could be traded for bolts. There was a total of 100 crystals in planet Tabora. They sold for 1,000 bolts or 10,000 in Challenge Mode.


A long time ago, MegaCorp discovered planet Tabora, a lush rainforest world full of loads of natural resources. MegaCorp decided to strip mine the planet, cutting down the rainforest, and forced workers to work under the threat of death by robot supervisors. MegaCorp discovered these Desert Crystals, which were the main reason for mining Tabora in the first place along with Raritanium. Later at some point, it turned out these large Desert Crystals had very little value, and so MegaCorp shut down the operation. Ironically they do have high value, but only to those who know how to harness their potential mystical energy, such as the New Age Mystic. This was shown when the New Age Mystic fixed Ratchet's Star Explorer which had been crushed by a landing ship.


These Crystals have some sort of mystical energy like that of the Moonstones of planet Grelbin, as the New Age Mystic was capable of repairing the Star Explorer with only a few crystals.

Behind the scenes

Once you had completed the game, you could leave Tabora without gathering the crystals to repair the ship. You could do this by using one of the shortcuts in the Special menu. After this, you can go anywhere in the galaxy that you have coordinates for. However, if you return to Tabora, your ship will be a wreck again.