Commence Deplanetisation!
Drek, about to start the process of destroying a planet using the Deplanetiser  [R&C (PS4)]

The Deplanetiser, spelled "Deplanetizer" in previous games, was a massive battle station developed by Dr. Nefarious with the help of the Blarg.

The most important part of the station was the Star Cracker Chamber, which housed an artificial supernova dwarf star that could produce lasers with equal power to a class seven supernova, allowing the weapon to easily destroy planets.

The remains of the destroyed planets could then be used to help build New Quartu.


The Control Bridge was the main control room of the Deplanetiser. It was here that Drek commanded the Blarg and controlled the Deplanetiser.


The Bridge consisted of a platform in a room made entirely of glass. There were several computers and a teleporter, which Qwark could use to access the Starship Phoenix.

The room was completely disintegrated along with the rest of the Deplanetiser.



  • Drek's Office
  • Star Cracker Chamber
  • Ship Hanger
  • Vehicle Hanger
  • Gravity Stability

Characters on the Deplanetiser



Differences between original


  • In the original game, Ratchet & Clank, the Deplanetiser was spelled with a "z," instead of an "s."


Deplanitizer station

The Deplanetiser space station

  • In the original game, the Deplanetizer was a weapon platform which was placed on Veldin, and was merely an arena for the final boss fight on that planet. In the PS4 game, the Deplanetizer is made into a full level as it is now a large space station.


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