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Deplanetizer from R&C (2002)
Our new planet is now fully functional and ready for habitation. However, there is one small problem: this pathetic lump of a planet. Due to some blunder of fate, this planet happens to occupy the galaxy's most perfect orbit. But no more… Behold: the Deplanetizer, the most powerful laser ever created! Watch as we fly the laser just above the planet's surface. I, of course, will be at hand to press the button that will blow this mudball to smithereens. No one will even miss it. See you then!
Alonzo Drek on the infobot for Veldin, R&C

The Deplanetizer was a giant laser created by Alonzo Drek's science team led by the Blarg Scientist. Orbiting the planet of Veldin before being fixed onto its Kyzil Plateau, the Deplanetizer was designed purely for the purpose of disintegrating Veldin and making room for Drek's new world.

Drek announces Deplanetizer 1

Drek showing off the Deplanetizer.

After Drek was defeated, Ratchet and Clank used the Deplanetizer to destroy the villain's own artificial planet.

It is not known what became of the Deplanetizer after the Blarg were defeated. It may have been destroyed or removed from Veldin's surface. It is possible that it was destroyed by the very same falling chunks of the Blarg planet that almost killed Ratchet and Clank.